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Agriculture faces a major role in educating people on the importance of agriculture to this province.    Fewer people are living in the rural areas and fewer people have ever had the opportunity to step on a farm.   Connecting where the food on our table comes from is a necessary challenge in ensuring our agricultural industry is sustainable in the future.


It is predicted within 10 – 15 years most students entering Agricultural and Science programs at the universities will come from other countries.   We need to address the reason why local students do not recognize the career opportunities in the science or agricultural streams.


The Manitoba Association of Agricultural Societies (M.A.A.S.) is taking steps to help youth make the connection between food, agriculture, and science.  This project includes providing Mobile Ag Lab trailers travelling to elementary schools throughout the province where youth can participate in hands-on and interactive scientific experiments  connecting agriculture, science, and food.  The programming will be designed for kindergarten to grade six.  These trailers will be complete with 12 work stations and all the equipment and supplies needed for a variety of scientific experiments.  It is our belief that by examining the process of food production from farm to consumer, we can ignite the passion for agriculture and science as a way of life.


School divisions in the southwest part of the province are excited at partnering with M.A.A.S. on this project.   An advisory curriculum board made up of qualified teachers, professors, and superintendents will be established.   A major concentration area of the activities will focus on educating students and consumers about our food system and how agriculture resources make contributions to the strength of our nation’s economy.